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Learn more about indoor air quality, performance heating and cooling, duct testing and sealing by attending these trainings.

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Past Trainings Involving Delta-T, Inc.

The Rules of Dumb: Sizing Residential HVAC Equipment and Duct Systems, November, 28 2000 (Rogue Community College, Medford, Oregon). Instructor: Bruce Manclark

Three day training session for the State of South Dakota Department of Social Services covering the physics of pressure including what duct sealers need to know about duct design, interpreting blower door results and performing serial leakage tests.

Pressure Diagnostic Training for C.O.C.A.A.N. (Redmond, Oregon), February 1996.

Air Sealing and Mobile Home Duct Sealing Training for Portland General Electric (Salem, Oregon), December 1995.

Pressure Diagnostic Training for Portland General Electric (Salem, Oregon), August 1995.

Mobile Home Weatherization Training for Portland General Electric (Salem, Oregon), August 1993.

Mobile Home Weatherization Contractor Trainings for Pacific Power (Crescent City, California); Oregon Energy Coordinator's Association (Salem, Oregon); and McMinnville Water & Light (McMinnville, Oregon), April 1993.

Home Comfort Program Auditor and Contractor Training, Pacific Power, Walla Walla, Washington, November 1992.

Air Sealing, Stick-Built & Mobile Home Weatherization Training, Pacific Power, Walla Walla, Washington and Yreka, California, May - June 1992.

Compact Fluorescent Lighting Classes, Puget Sound Power & Light, Bellevue, Washington, May 1991.

Lighting Training Workshop, Energy Extension Service, Seattle, Washington, February 1991.


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