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Visit these links to find out more about indoor air quality, performance products for heating, cooling and conditioning the air in your home.

Home Energy Magazine - For building and energy efficiency information.

Affordable Comfort, the home performance industry's largest conference!

Bacharach, Inc.- Instruments for Combustion Testing

Dwyer® - Instruments for Pressure Testing

Northwest Energy Education Institute

Norwest Safety, Protective Equipment for Oregon Industry, Inc.

Should You Have the Air Ducts in Your Home Cleaned? Indoor Air Quality information from the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, Indoor Environments Division.

To Learn More About Indoor Air Quality, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

The Energy Ideas Clearinghouse website has thousands of resources to help you reduce your energy costs while increasing profits, and to help you provide excellent customer service. Search for answers to specific questions you may have on energy efficiency or renewables. Check for training events in your area. Look for energy related jobs. Read the latest energy news. This is a one-stop shop for energy efficiency information.

Ecotope, Inc. - Consulting and Research on Energy Efficiency

GreenClips is a web letter published by sustainable design consultant, Chris Hammer of San Francisco, CA. It offers environmentally responsible approaches to urban planning and development, building design, construction, and operation. Archived issues of GreenClips for reference and research can be found at:

Where to find Oregon Office of Energy Tax Credit forms for Duct Sealing


And now for something completely different:

10k Truth for Runners with Attitude10k Truth is a place for runners who have the attitude to train harder and smarter, who want to race faster and stronger, to better their race times. You'll also find inspirational sports quotes and some really weird raging stuff. - At Home on the Range
Golf has not always been a trendy sport, restricted to monied elites. At its birth it was the game of a rural people, played simply on the fells and fields where sheep and cattle grazed. Pasture golf celebrates the undercurrent, the backwash maybe, that returns to these grassroots.


The Saurus Press. Free Vintage Military clipart, World War I clipart, World War II clipart, and Patriotic clipart page!





Alaska Flute Studies Center (AFSC) is a membership organization for flutists of all levels from beginning students to professionals. - See for Alaska travel & family activities, gardens & flowers, educational, seasonal, environmental resource for your next trip to Alaska. Cool postcards and recommended hikes, drives and views.


Granite Peak Associates, Inc. - Economic analysis and information consulting company specializing in petroleum resource economics, as well as socioeconomic data analysis, developing custom database applications, and web site development and training.


For Sale by Owner - Lovely piece of farm ground with great view of Kittitas Valley near Ellensburg, Washington! Central Washington - Rural Residential DevelopmentThis property which is part of Vanderbilt Country Estates, overlooks the farms, fields and homes in the Kittitas Valley. Kittitas Valley is a landscape which changes as the seasons do, one which never fails to lift the spirit when contemplated at any time of year. Situated about a two hour drive from Seattle, it offers nearby major east-west (as well as north-south) freeway access for the long distance commuter. (Click for more Ellensburg area land sales information.)


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