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Delta-T, Inc. is an energy services company based in Oregon.

What is Delta-T? Performance Testing
Duct Fixing Program Design
Energy Use Research Trainings
IAQ Troubleshooting Utility Services
Delta-T, or DT in engineering formulas, represents the difference in temperature. The reason for heating and cooling our homes is to maintain the temperature difference between inside and outside that keeps homes in the comfort zone.

What else do we do? We fix ducts.

We do ductwork rehabilitation based on system performance testing. Our motto is, "If you don't test, you don't know." The chance is that the ductwork in your house is held together with duct tape. We all know that duct tape is great for any number of quick fixes (see the Duct Guys for a humorous look at duct tape in action). But duct tape really is not the best way to hold together ducts! When duct tape fails, ducts go bad. That's when you need rehab for your ductwork.

What do we know about IAQ? A lot.

Indoor Air Quality is a big concern for today's homeowners. Tighter homes, the out gassing of synthetic materials and malfunctioning natural gas appliances in the home can contribute to indoor air pollution problems.

Delta-T, Inc. assures that duct systems do not suck pollutants into the house by performing tightness testing and thoroughly sealing ductwork. We also troubleshoot backdraft problems and tune gas appliances to minimize carbon monoxide production within the home.

Residential Energy Audits help homeowners make decisions about upgrading the energy savings measures of their homes. Delta-T, Inc. has contracted with Northwest utilities to provide energy audits. We also provide Farm Home Administration approved energy audits for multi-family properties in accordance with FmHA Instruction 1930-C Exhibit D. Bids for FHA and other Energy Audits available upon request.

Would you like to learn more about all this? Delta-T, Inc. provides trainings.

Bruce Manclark of Delta-T, Inc. conducts contractor and utility trainings on performance testing HVAC systems and pressure diagnostics throughout the United States.

You are a utility bigwig and you want to discuss conservation and customer service? Just give us a holler.

Delta-T, Inc. consults with electric and gas utilities on design and implementation of energy conservation and customer service programs.

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