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The following informational charts are provided by Delta-T, Inc. and are available for educational use:

Duct Sizing Card for HVAC Contractors

Round Duct Square Inch Equivalency & Input BTU's of Gas Furnaces/Air Conditioners (showing square inches of ducts needed for supply and return). (For wallet size, recommend that you print at 50% and fold in half.)

Pressures & Flows for HVAC Contractors

Pressures & Flows (Page 1)

Pressures & Flows (Page 2)

U-Value and F-Value Charts

U-Values of Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Windows, Doors (Page 1)

Below Grade Floors & Walls, Duct & Hydronic Pipe Losses, Exterior Doors, Slab on Grade, (Page 2)

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